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Time Warner Lakers Studio LED Lighting Design

We originally did this set in 2012, last year they decided it was time for an update, the only thing that remains from the original set is the section behind the desk. Ten new light boxes using 80 rolls of our RGBCW LED strips were used to give this set some very cool looks. By using the new 4 chip LED tape the lighting director was able to create a whole array of new looks.

A sound proofed equipment rack is housing all of the DMX controllers and Power supplies required to run this lighting design. A new desk was built also using RGBCW LED tape and a DMX controller was used to handle each of the six horizontal bars and one vertical divider strip on each side of the desk. As stated above we installed 20 RGB twinkle lights throughout the grid of the set. Eight LED down lights were installed in the header above the talent, also controlled via a DMX controller.

Set Design: Jeff Hall

Built By: IDF Studio Scenery

LD: Redwood Media Group