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Lightbox SpeedTape

SpeedTape is designed to take the labor out of a large lighting area with LED strip tape. This makes laying out LED tape and soldering for a large scale lightbox project easy and fast. Also, SpeedTape adds a much more reliable and consistent solder joints. If you have ever installed LED strip tape in a large box, then you know it is a long process to solder each and every strip together with wire or jumpers.

SpeedTape was designed to allow the LED tape to be placed as close as one inch on center and run whatever lengths are required. The LED tape is then soldered to the pads on the SpeedTape at the desired center point. Power is then supplied anywhere along the SpeedTape. Large solder pads are set at 90° of the tape pads. 3 oz copper ensures excellent current distribution. All versions of our SpeedTape has been issued a US patent. Number 9976711.