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Customized LED-based Lighting Experts

Established in 1986, InPhase began as a car and home audio manufacturing business. Over the years, the company’s mission has evolved to focus on applications for LED Lighting products and design for the television and film industry.

InPhase offers customized LED-based lighting systems, DMX lighting control systems, stage and set LED lighting design. Additionally, we offer installation services and rental of LED lighting systems and DMX controllers. With over twenty years of combined experience, we know our way around LED lighting.

We are always refining our products for excellence in quality and ease of use. This is what we do for a living and have been for 10 years. We build and install hundreds of sets a year and design our materials to make our jobs easier and more profitable.

We don’t build scenery, we’re not a grip company, we’re not a production company; we know our strengths and limitations.

We also have an extensive network of industry associates. If we don’t have the answer to a question ourselves, we know somebody who does. Our goal is to deliver a solution on-budget and on-time, every time.

From a few discrete LED strip lights in a motorcycle taillight, to a mobile studio that travels over 15,000 miles per season, to nearly 1,900 square feet of LED-lit light boxes, InPhase has the ingenuity, skills and technology to tackle a project of any size. Whether off-the-shelf, completely custom or somewhere in between, InPhase will find a solution for just about any problem.

Each project has challenges, but we take pride in finding ways to address these challenges in a way that will benefit all the parties involved.

We work Saturdays, too!