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Time Warner Deportes LED Lighting Design

This set was installed in conjunction with the Lakers set across the hall, both are similar design this set is a little smaller in size. RGBCW LED light boxes were installed top and bottom on both walls, approximately 8 rolls (132’) of the LED strip tape were installed. Twelve independent small light boxes with milk white plexiglass covers were positioned horizontally and vertically on the front of the walls. In total five of our DMX controllers are used for the walls and small light boxes and one is used on the desk which is a smaller version of the Lakers new desk. In the grid we installed RGB twinkle lights, these are very small lights but when used with a star filter on the camera it gives a very cool look for fade in and out shots on the Jibe camera.

Set Design: Jeff Hall

Built By: IDF Studio Scenery

LD: Redwood Media Group