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Ridiculousness 2016 LED Lighting Design

This set was designed by Jeff Hall Designs and built by IDF Studio Scenery for the MTV hit show Ridiculousness. We were asked to design a system that would be easily removed and replaced five times a year to accommodate their shooting schedules.

Eleven 30’ long light boxes were built and flown above the set in a curved configuration and angled towards the back of the stage to create a tunnel effect. Two walls were then positioned
on either side to continue them to the floor. Six additional light boxes are positioned around the set each with RGBA 4 chip tape.

Fifteen of our DMX 1432 controllers in 16 channel mode are installed around the set to drive all of the 45 light boxes independently. 110 rolls of RGBA 4 chip LED tape were used on set with each light box having a minimum of 2 rolls of tape. This created excellent saturation of colors within the boxes.

The stage deck is outlined with the same RGBA tape as is the three Scorpions, one in the deck floor and the other two hanging on stage.