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NFL Network Fantasy Football LED Lighting Design

This project was an overhaul of the existing NFL Network Fantasy Football set.

Nearly 950 feet of InPhase RGB LED tape was used to add accent lighting to various set features. Configured as 34 separate elements, each feature is independently controllable, allowing the LD to create a custom look for any part of the show – including team colors for competing teams and animations.

Approximately 50 rolls of RGB strip tape were used to light this set, each strip you see is on its own group of channels. By doing this it allows complete control of any element of the set.

All of the InPhase DMX-1432 controllers and their associated power supplies are contained within a single 27U rack located behind center wall. The electronics rack was assembled and tested offsite, then rolled into place and wired up.

Designer: Jeff Hall, Jeff Hall Design

Builder: IDF Studio Scenery