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NBC Prime Time – Fashion Star LED Lighting Design

We got the phone call for this job on a Wednesday afternoon; camera blocking began the following Monday. “Just make it work!” was the request; we completed the job on-time and on-budget.

Roughly 400 feet of RGB LED strip tape was used to light the edges of the stage right decking, stage right stairsteps and stage left celebrity mentor deck. The LED tape was applied to the vertical surfaces, then hidden behind aluminum flatstock to throw the glow down on to the surface.

An additional 460 feet of RGB LED tape was used to create colored stripes around the three rear projection screens – two screens measuring 24′ x 16′ (130 feet of RGB LED tape each), the largest measuring 36′ x 20′ (200 feet of RGB LED tape). The LED tape was mounted perpendicular to the face of the surround; light was bounced off a white wedge for a smooth, continuous stripe.

Our DMX lighting controller controlled everything, for stable, flicker-free performance.

Lighting Designer: John Conty

Designer: Jeff Hall, Jeff Hall Design

Builder: IDF Studio Scenery