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Hot Topic – Pirates of the Caribbean 4 LED Lighting Design

We built a number of LED-based props for this project, a promotional tie-in between Hot Topic stores and the Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides movie.

The “Ship in a Bottle” included both standard white LED tape, for illumination, and custom LED lighting for special effects.

The ship itself was waterjet-cut from 1/4″ aluminum sheet; we added flickering amber LED lamps, and the whole thing was wrapped with a printed vinyl overlay. The LEDs illuminated the “flame” graphics in the image on the vinyl. LED tape was used to illuminate the interior of the bottle.

The Black Pearl mockup was installed at the Hollywood and Highland retail complex in Los Angeles, next to the Hot Topic location. For this, we lit several props. Two wrought-iron “torches” were built for a photo-spot on the ship; these were lit with amber LED tape and flicker circuits. Four lanterns were mounted atop the ship; these were lit with high-power amber LED lamps and flicker circuits. We also lit the interior of the ribcage of the skeleton on the bowsprit of the ship; this was accomplished with more amber LED tape and another flicker circuit.

Builder: Jet Sets
Matt Pomerantz & Doug Morris