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Fox Sports – NASCAR Hollywood Hotel LED Lighting Design

A complete redesign of Fox Sports’ NASCAR “Hollywood Hotel” set; the extensive use of RGB LED lighting for different color schemes allows the set to be used for Speed Channel broadcasts as well.

The set is installed in a 53′ trailer that travels the NASCAR circuit. Debuted on the 2012 Daytona 500 broadcast. The mobile nature of the set introduced additional shock and vibration concerns, so all inaccessible and most accessible connections were made redundant.

Two 27U racks house all the electronics, including 11 of our DMX-1432 controllers and 14 power supplies. 100 rolls of RGB LED tape, implemented as 83 RGB fixtures, allow an extraordinary amount of control and customization of the various lighting looks. “Zones” of RGB LED tape in the back wall allow stunning color gradient and fade effects to be created.

Designer: Jeff Hall, Jeff Hall Design

Builder: IDF Studio Scenery

Lighting Designer: R. Kirk Witherspoon, Design Partners Inc.

Lighting Director: Chuck Noble, Noble Lighting Design