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E! News with Ryan Seacrest LED Lighting Design

One of our flagship projects, this was a complete redesign of the E! News with Ryan Seacrest set. Fashion Police and several E! News derivative shows are taped on this set as well. Nearly 1800 square feet of LED light boxes were lit using InPhase RGB LED strips (nearly 1.7 miles of LED tape!) were installed on all four walls and the ceiling of the set.

The east wall of the set is a set of four Duratrans-covered light boxes, totalling 45 feet long by 13 feet high by a mere six inches deep. InPhase LED tape created a consistent, cool-running light source, ideal for the Duratrans. It also allowed the lightbox to be placed against the wall, freeing up an enormous amount of floorspace.

The south wall of the set consists of four large light boxes, 230 square feet, lit with InPhase RGB LED tape. These units are colored to match different segments or themes of the show. There are two additional light boxes, lit with InPhase white LED tape with InPhase RGB LED tape. The north wall of the set contains one Duratrans-covered light box, 35 feet by five feet, and an additional light box 35 feet by accents lit with InPhase RGB LED tape.

The ceiling has two large light boxes lit with InPhase white LED tape. The larger of the two measures 46 feet by 6.5 feet, the smaller measures 14 feet by 20 feet. Because of the low ceiling height, these boxes were built only six inches deep. Also, because of the constant pull of gravity, we took additional measures to ensure the adhesive on the LED tape would not pull free over time.

All of these features are controlled by twelve of our DMX controllers located on the set and the grid.

Designer: Clickspring Design www.clickspringdesign.com

Builder: Jet Sets www.jetsets.com

Lighting Director: Dave Mann