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1/4/8/32-channel LED Driver with DMX Interface

The DMX-1432 is a fully-configurable, supremely flexible high-power DMX Controller/Dimmer. It is designed to drive our LED tape, but can also be used to drive resistive (tungsten) and LED (including solid-state relay) loads.

Its PWM dimming circuit operates at 7.3kHz, which means no on-camera flicker, even on the newest RED and Alexa digital cinema cameras. Optionally, the PWM frequency can be increased to 14.6kHz or even 29.3kHz.

It features full galvanic isolation on the DMX interface, eliminating the need for isolators and vastly simplifying the power infrastructure.

Industry-standard removable Phoenix terminal blocks are used for all load connections.

Industry-standard Neutrik connectors are used for the DMX input and output, supporting RJ-45, 3-pin XLR or 5-pin XLR.

It also features a built-in test mode for diagnostic purposes.

  • 60 amps maximum current – 720W at 12Vdc, 2.8kW at 48Vdc
  • 9-48Vdc system power supply
  • Powder-coated, silkscreened aluminum chassis for durability
  • 32 outputs, configurable as 1, 4, 8 or 32 channels
  • QR code link to this webpage on the enclosure for in-the-field support.

The DMX-1432 is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

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