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InPhase DMX Decoders

All Inphase DMX decoders are designed and engineered for exceptional operation in a studio environment. You will never experience LED flicker with any of our DMX units, we were one of the first companies in the industrie to deal with flicker associated with LEDs. Our DMX 1432 was reprogrammed to switch at 7300Hz from the standard of 500Hz at the time, used in a desk for the Los Angeles Lakers we found that audio lines run next to the outputs of the DMX were suspitable to hum. We added a mode that would change to the switching of the DMX 1432 to 30,000Hz to take the hum above the hearing threshold. The 30k setting is now standard in three of our models. All of our decoders are made with the best components available.

There are two families of decoders that we offer. The DMX 1432 & DMX 540-8 these models allow for many different combinations of control and output configurations. The DMX 5204 & DMX 3204 offer less flexibility but do exactly what they are designed for, control LEDs with no flicker.