InPhase Hook Up Cable

InPhase RGB+2 Cable

This wire is designed to be used with three color (RGB), four color (RGBA or RGBW) and our exclusive five color (RGBAW) LED tape. It was designed after a number of years of using standard off the shelf wire that is very difficult to use due to the stiffness of the jacket and amount of strands of wire in that jacket. We use high strand wire with a very soft material on both the inner and outer jackets, this allows for the wire to lay nicely to the pads of the LED tape and not cause any tension at the solder point resulting in a very positive connection. It is highly suggested that a small piece of Speedtape be used at all wire/tape connections to give even a better solder connection.

*Note when unspooling the wire it is highly suggested to cut the plastic cover on the INSIDE of the coil, all the way around, then pull from the inside. This is the best way to uncoil the wire from the roll.

Wire gauge: 1 – 16 gauge /28 strand & 5 – 20 gauge/21 strand
Roll length: 500′

Sold in boxes of 500’ @ $200.00 per box

InPhase Hybrid Cable

Same as the RGB+2 wire, but only three conductors. Used primarily for Hybrid or Single color LED tape.

Wire gauge: 1-16 Gauge/28 strand & 2 – 20 gauge/21 strand
Roll length: 500′

Sold in boxes of 500’ @ $100.00